I am developing this website on a system running Windows 7. The website's emphasis is on foreign language text, and displays several non-Roman alphabets (using the indicated fonts):

The fonts I use typically come with the Windows OS. I use Verdana for the main font, both heads and body text, but I am moving to Segoe UI in its various weights.

I test the ability of the various fonts to display correctly on several different browsers (with current version):

  1. Google Chrome (69.0)
  2. Mozilla Firefox (62.0)
  3. Opera (56.0)
  4. Internet Explorer (11) [deprecating]
  5. Safari (5.1.7) [iOS only]

One more thing on characters, I have created the IPA Phonology Chart showing all of the IPA symbols for pulmonic, non-implosive consonants.


Jim LaBonté
Cowesett, Rhode Island